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Total 10 Wolves chants de football présentés par alexlouise__x

4293 Ebanks Blake Sung by Wolves fans when he scores or got the ball. Playlist
10079 We Forgot Quiet as mice Playlist
15374 Yam Yam Army yam yam army
15491 Hennessey Sang When Keeper Makes A Great Save
18092 Incy Is A Wolves Fan Sang When Wolves Beat Blackburn Rover 4-2 In Pre-season Friendlies
19028 Wolves Are Going Up To the footballs coming home tune
19241 Championy Wolves are champions
19959 You'll Never Take The Donkey! Sang At Bristol When A Blow Up Balloon Of 'Donkey' Of Shrek Was Blown Up And A few Other Things And Security Wanted Them All !
20429 In The Albion Slums We Don't Like Albion :)
20456 One Leg sang 2 super mick
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