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Total 56 Manchester United chants de football présentés par jakerules10

675 We All P in a Green and White Pot Another anti Argyle chant from Exeter City Playlist
748 Come on You Reds Come on you Reds
1110 We All Follow the Grecians Classic football song, should be sung at Exeter
1422 We're Going to Football League Sung when Exeter won promotion.
2097 The Referee Sung when annoyed at the ref.
2723 Sh*t on the Torquay Sometimes b*stards replaces Torquay in the words
2775 I Oh City ECFC
3445 Ricey Is a W*nker Sung at Rice when he moved to Torquay.
4177 Shirts off If You Hate Argyle Funny song especially if everyone takes their shirt off
4470 You're Going Home in a Devon Ambulance You've been warned
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4795 Who's the W*nker in the Black Another chant aimed at the ref
4849 Uni-Ted United Are the Sh*ttest Team Another anti Torquay song
5476 Can You Hear the (Team Name) Sing Taking the p*ss out of the away fans shite support
7458 Oh Exeter Exeter, It's a great place.
7569 We're the Red and White Army Gets the crowd bouncing Playlist
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