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Total 56 Manchester United chants de football présentés par jakerules10

1673 Red Army! - Exeter Cheering on the Reds. Playlist
2457 S*it Ground No Fans Sang away Playlist
4143 We're the Red and White Army Gets the crowd bouncing Playlist
6674 Stand Up If You Hate Argyle Stand up if you hate Plymouth Argyle Playlist
14622 We All P in a Green and White Pot Another anti Argyle chant from Exeter City Playlist
16467 Can You Hear the Pop End Sing The Big Bank makes the pop end look s*ite
16575 Plymouth Who? Having a go at our devonshire based rivals.
16683 We're Going Up League 1 here we come
16790 Staying Down with the Torquay Sung to Cambridge after Exeter won the play offs.
17007 Que Sera We're going to Wembley.
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17164 Shirts off If You Hate Argyle Funny song especially if everyone takes their shirt off
17260 Torquays Going Up but They're Going Straight Back Down Tune of yellow sumbarine
17381 Uni-Ted United Are the Sh*ttest Team Another anti Torquay song
17402 Troy Archibald Henville Version 2 Funny version sang in Big Bank
17700 We Are the Champions Pride of Devon
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