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Total 19 Aston Villa chants de football présentés par matt6seadon

4013 They're Coming Up, They're Going Down Sung towards the end of the 08/09 season to the tune of yellow submarine (Ed: Haven't got the full song but worth putting audio up) Playlist
5649 We'll Meet Again... Sung to any team in the lower leagues or who looks set for relegation Playlist
7422 Down with the Baggies Used to taunt anyone close to relegation in the 08/09 season Playlist
15293 When I Was Young, I Had a Dream Started by someone at Bolton away...and carried on for the away games against Fulham and 'boro. (Ed: Just found, know it's old but it's a good un)
15363 Who Needs Rooney When We've Got Carew For the legend that is Carew
17231 Nice One Shearer Sung during the Villa 1-0 newcastle where the toon were relegated.
17708 Shoes off, If You Love Villa Sang in the Holte and at away games from time to time
18018 Hiding from the Villa Sang in the Villa v Blues derby in the 07/08 season
18255 The Elephant Man Sung to Lescott in the 08/09 season
19839 Oh When the Villa, Go Lap-Dancing A response to John Carew's antics before the Ajax game.
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20072 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere? Sung to Liverpool at Anfield when they were 5-0 up and still didn't sing
20305 We Hate the, We Hate the City... A song sung for blues (Ed: Crackin lyrics)
20322 We've Done It Before, We'll Do It Again! Sung for the rest of the season after Everton 2-3 Villa whenever we went behind
20378 Never Beat the Villa sung to blues
20624 Birmingham's Smallest Club Sang at the end of the 07/08 season
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