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1857 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere Sung at the Old Trafford library Playlist
2022 It's All Quiet When they are all hushed Playlist
3152 Cheerio Explains itself Playlist
10426 What the Hell Is That Sung at anyone who f**ks up!!!!! Playlist
14931 Get Yer Tits Out! When you see a hot woman, or a fat b*stard plays for the oppostion
14959 Spurs Went to Rome What else would he say?
14974 Essien-En-En This man is awesome. Behold the Bison
15159 You're Gonna Win Nowt To the ever youthful Arsenal teams. How many years can you be young and still learning for?
15197 In the Town of Wolverhampton A classic song
15389 You're Not Going Home To Scousers, they have no home, just boxes in slums
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15398 Ricardo Quaresma One for the new man
15424 Tommy Baldwin One for the great man
15633 You're Scum To Scousers, Mancs, Leeds folk, Millwall etc etc etc
15641 Arsenal, Always Cheating Fancy football, no end product, so they dive.
15668 We Want Zola Back Come back great one
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