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Gooners in full voice - you couldn't call this boring!

276 We Paid for Your Hats To the stewards and the police Playlist
407 She Fell Over Sung when someone takes a tumble like a girl Playlist
527 Seen Gerrard Win the League? Well have you, aarrrgh!!! Playlist
778 Liverpool Hoof the Ball Great taking the pi*s out of the scousers for their sh*t football. Playlist
824 Andre Santos, He Drives How He Wants Speedy wing back. +150Mph on the street (Ed: Not that we condone that art all :)) Playlist
995 We Pay Your Benefits Scousers who else Playlist
2237 Come to See Eboue Arsenal's 27, Eboue is who they come to see Playlist
4863 Let's Go Mental Can't control ourselves Playlist
5833 Lasagne a song sung to spurs in the carling cup Playlist
16615 Channel 5 Heard this vs Spurs at Carling Cup
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16859 I'd Rather Have a Willie Gallas aka Willy, Cashley aka Cunt
16950 Boring, Boring Arsenal Really!
17089 Santa Is a Gooner Santa is a Goonah.
17413 Imogen Thinks of Jack Wilshere Sung at Fulham away May 2011
17983 Fat Paris Hilton Aimed at former Liverpool striker Andrit Voronin
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