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Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

5459 Olofinjana olofinjana
5624 John Bostock For our loan hero
5711 He's Here He's There Sung to the captain
5730 You Are My City Great Hull City footie song
6066 Jimmy The Best By Far Short but effective
6117 Jan Vennegoor Of Hesselink sang when Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink is on or wanted to come on by the fans
6368 Back To Your S*** Hole Sang to most teams but mostly from London.
6560 Que Sera Sera Another old classic football song Playlist
6572 Seyi Olofinjana a song for Seyi Olofinjana
6801 Ashbee Fans referring to Ashbees Dads spoon bending skills.
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6847 Geo Geo Good lyric and we should bounce like liverpool and learn these lyric and sing it on next away day
7022 4-1 Up You Still Don't Sing Sang to Man Utd when we were losing 4-1 and they wern't singing. (But we had a great comeback)
7024 There's Only One Ken Bates Taking the p*ss out of Leeds for their owner who they hate Playlist
7216 Frazier Campbell Had his best years at Hull, his goals took us up Playlist
7489 Caleb Folan Feed The Foal Caleb Folan chant.
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