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Bark at the loon, keep tut track.

21980 Premiership We are going up
22000 Favourite Song sung to teams with one song
22014 Yam Yam the youth
22032 Cheer Up Tony Mowbray. Tony Mowbray is a w*nker.
22045 Deliah Only Takes It Up The... Sung to Stoke when they sing their Delilah song
22145 Where's the W***er with the Bell? Sung to Pompey when their bell dude went missing.
22236 I Can Ride a Tractor Sang to Ipswich fans
22237 Useless To Sing At Emile Heskey amongst others
22272 Fit to Referee refs crap
22281 Ikeme For our goalie at Wolves
  Premier League Betting
22284 Row Row Row Ya Boat ;) Goes with row row row ya boat ;)
22293 Grand Ol Duke of Brom s**t brom
22318 Hi Ho Wolverhampton Old version of Hi Ho Silver Lining
22461 Sign On for the Scousers - you'll never walk alone tune

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