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2465 Kevin Doyle Is Magic new Doyle song
2472 Keano Is a Wolves Fan Plays for Spurs, loves Wolves Playlist
2489 Falling in Love with You We love youuu...
2496 Mick Magician McCarthy Our Mick magician McCarthy
2511 Off, Off, Off Get him off Playlist
2551 Where Were You? Sang to the likes of Chelsea and other clubs where the glory hunters have come out
2579 Keogh, Keogh Irish legend in the making Andy Keogh. Playlist
2581 Big Chris Jesus is big chris
2611 Go Home cya
2640 Is That All You Take Away Sung when the opposition only bring a few to Molineux
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2699 Wanderers Scarf Wolves anthem Playlist
3169 Premier League Full of... Playlist
3308 We're Goin Up goin up
3337 One Nil and You Fu*Ked It Up Sung when they have the lead and the mighty Wolves come back and win
3396 What the Hell Was That? Terrible Playlist
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