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7706 No History! Directed towards the likes of Birmingham City and Walsall Playlist
7728 Jarvis for England Getting behind our player Matt Jarvis Playlist
7740 Away in a Manger God bless him.
7802 Sam Vokes young striker
7822 One Nil to the Dirty Boys Wolves song to Leeds, who else Playlist
7841 Worst Support for Villa
7875 Elokobi Der der der - One for Georgey Playlist
7912 Cheer Up Tony Mowbray. Tony Mowbray is a w*nker.
7931 Lee Hughes Lee Hughes mrs song as she is a lap dancer
7935 Deliah Only Takes It Up The... Sung to Stoke when they sing their Delilah song
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8273 It's Camara You know who's hit it.
8365 Charge in a Minute, Away at Birmingham
8387 Rodney You're a Plonker Another one for Crouchy Playlist
8407 Glory Hunters where were you?
8442 Kevin For super Kevin Foley
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