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Gooners in full voice - you couldn't call this boring!

1824 We Are the North Bank Highbury We're the North Bank boys!
1853 Roll out the Arsenal A great classic.
1859 Blame Lasagne LOL
1882 What's It Like to Follow Sh*t? How is it like?
2085 Lehmann Our former German stopper, simple but effective Playlist
2131 Hello, Hello, We Are the Arsenal Boys Where are ya, where are ya? Playlist
2311 Theo, Theo, Theo, Theo, Theo... Chant calling Theo Walcott from bench. Playlist
2326 We've Only Got 10 Men! When we're 1 down, but still winning!
2355 We'll Race You Back to London To the cockney-mancs
2384 Stick the Blue Flag To the rent-boys at Chelski
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2505 50,000 Muppets Going to Stamford Bridge To 10 Green Bottles
2557 Who's the W*nker in the Black? Aha, the referee!
2596 Who the Hell Are You? Who? Sung in response to the other fans chirping up with a song Playlist
2709 Fabregas - He's Better Than Roy Keane Sung during Charity Shield a number of years ago
2719 Arsene Wenger's Magic - Contract Version Heard after Wenger signed his new contract
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