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1100 JT's Ma Why wouldn't she? (Ed: Sorry JT) Playlist
1104 Bring On See message in lyrics box Playlist
1128 Fernando Torres! Liverpool's Number Nine! One for the kid who scores the most. Playlist
1182 Chelsea Rent Boy What can you say, West End dandies. Playlist
1183 Fergie's Right He normally talks bollox but on this occasion..... Playlist
1233 Best Midfield in the World Great song, sadly Momo gone on his way, a new version will no doubt be made of this tune. Playlist
1274 What the Hell Was That? What was that? Playlist
1318 Your Hero Is Scouse Scouse loving Mancs everywhere. (Refers to Man United's Wayne Rooney being Scouse) Playlist
1352 We Are the Famous Koppites Known throughout the world, walk on Playlist
1455 Attack Attack Herd wen we were playin villa Playlist
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1457 No History The sh*t club Chelsea with no history Playlist
1504 Where's Your European Cups Another one sung to the rent boys. Playlist
1540 The Men from Anfield's Spion Kop Vintage chant Playlist
1588 Xabi Alonso Short but sweet liverpool chant for the midfield maestro. Playlist
1608 Same Old Arsenal, Always Cheating! Cheaters... sang today against them Playlist
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