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15 Celtic Chansons & amp ; Chants de football

Are the hoops the loudest in the world?

17 The Soldiers' Song (Irish National Anthem) Thanks to Fionn for the lyrics Playlist
38 Just Can't Get Enough Sung by the green brigade. (Ed: The Original that spawned many copies - similar with a lot of Celtic songs actually) Playlist
66 Glasgow Celtic Champions Sung at games now. (Recording just added. Ed: Makes a fine ringtone) Playlist
95 We Love You Celtic We do, we do, we do.. Playlist
708 We Know Where You Stay F*ck You Novo
952 Gazza Paul Gasgoine really was a p**ck
1258 We'll Be Coming Mon the hoops
1495 Let's All Do the Huddle Do that at the matches and turn your back while singing it and bounce up and down
1575 Celtic, Celtic the team for me
1704 Charlie Adam's Sister's Pants 'Bout Rangers' players sister Playlist
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1740 Celtic Dynamite Come on the bhoys!
1918 Artur Boruc - The Holy Goalie The holy goalie from Poland (Ed: Audio added, mar 2012) Playlist
1920 Tommy Burns He was a real legend (Ed Audio added 3/ 2012) Playlist
2488 La La La To the tune of 'Fiesta' by the Pogues Playlist
2530 The Capital's a Sh*te Hole normaly sung against Hearts
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