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7 Liverpool Chansons & amp ; Chants de football

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27 We Only Hate Mancs Underlings Playlist
49 Liverpool (Clapping) Another classic, the ringtone is shorter due to technical requirements, but loops nicely anyway. Playlist
121 Fernando Torres! Liverpool's Number Nine! One for the kid who scores the most. Playlist
189 Shankly For our legendary manager Playlist
205 Rafael Benitez Liverpool pay homage to their special one. Playlist
216 Tell Your Ma (Everton) Poor ol Everton. Heard at the Merseyside derby. To the tune of Que Sera. Playlist
228 Fat Granny... Sang at Rooney as he likes em wrinkly Playlist
240 Ring of Fire Liverpool Tuneful ditty, rousing when the Kop sings it together. Playlist
712 Rafa's Got His Dirk Kuyt Sounds very similar to Rafa's got his Dick Out
801 Who the Hell Are You Liverpool fans sing to most, that's what I call history... Playlist
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810 Who Are Ya? Come on! Playlist
838 No History The sh*t club Chelsea with no history Playlist
972 Rooney Hate Rooney scum
1101 We're Gonna Win the League Well..... mabye 2009-10
1352 Hes Only a Pour Cockney ... For any team in Cockney land
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