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788 Who the F*cking Hell Are You Who the f*ck?
805 We Are Millwall Classic, best football anthem ever. Playlist
809 Rocking All over the World Millwall fans have adopted this as a song to sing when we win at home. Brilliant chant which gets the crowd goin crazy!
873 Up the Football League Promotion on the cards?
1030 School in the Morning Sung to little lairy kids normally on a Tuesday night
1324 You're supposed to be a gnome Aimed at Northampton's Danny Jackman who's a bit on the small side
1374 Ireland's Number One Irelands number One Playlist
1412 James Henry Midfield maestro. Playlist
1460 Come and Join Us We're here if you want it
1515 John Marquis Homage to the striker.. Playlist
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1549 On the Pitch Chants Pitch invasion ! :)
1746 Jingle Bells Chant away wins
2277 M.I.L.L.W.A.L.L. Spelling it out like it is Playlist
2307 South London La La La Top Millwall football song Playlist
2813 We Hate West Ham We really do
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