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163 Oldham Chansons & amp ; Chants de football

The latics from Boundary Park getting chirpy

2471 EIEIEIO Oldham Version of English football terrace classic. Playlist
3264 Andy Ritchie's Magic A classic for ex player and manger Andy Ritchie Playlist
6303 If You Hate Man United Not the only ones to hate em I know, but we really hate em :) Playlist
6566 You're S**t and You're Nearly Welsh! Taunting Bristol Rovers fans to the tune of Go West
6611 Gary Kelly Pants performance by Oldham Athletic!
6886 Lancashire God's own country. Playlist
7464 Stand Up If You Love Oldham Sung to show allegiance. Playlist
8034 We Hate Man U (And City Too) Like this one, get's the point accross. Playlist
8331 If Robin Hood Was Real Sung at Forest
9172 Only One Mark Allott Oldham sung after he left us then came back home to OAFC to tune of Winter Wonderland
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9590 Lee Johnsons Blue & White Army One for our manager Playlist
10337 Does the Social Know Your Here? Sung to Tranmere
11358 Chris Taylor Chris Taylor
11822 Keep the Blue Flag Flying High Keep that flag flying for Athletic. Playlist
12090 T*ts Funny Oldham song
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