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Up the saddlers!

869 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Walsall anthem Playlist
1841 Everywhere We Go Love this Walsall chant Playlist
4517 W-A-L-S-A-L-L Classic Walsall football song
4934 Once Went to Brum Oldie's are the best
4949 Stick Your Drum! Sung towards the fat Oldham fan who was banging his drum.
5072 Come on You Reds! Chanted when Walsall have a FK or Corner
5645 Andy Butler Simple Walsall song for the defensive rock.
6214 Great Escape Simple but catchy chant
6589 Jonny Macken Simple chant for the Irishman.
6794 Jimmy Walker Walsall song for the legend that is Jimmy Walker
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8088 Stand Up if You're Going Bust Financial w*nkers Playlist
8833 Der De Der - Walsall Walsall football chant always sung Playlist
9072 We All Live in the Hilary Street End Another old chant, heard on the Hilary Street Terrace.
9418 We Are Walsall Simple Walsall chant Playlist
10213 Walsall Melody Hairy Pete sung this Playlist
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